Network Of Local Partners

Network of Local Partners

To ensure an efficient and prompt delivery on our commitment to our clients we have over the years developed working relationship with the following category of independent contractors whose services are used to deliver services to our clients across the country:

  • A network of financially sound and customer friendly Insurance companies with nationwide and international presence that we readily use to meet the insurance needs of our diverse clients base.
  • Banks and other financial institutions whose elaborate branch networks serve as convenient transaction platforms between us and our clients.
  • A reliable network of independent professionals such as surveyors, civil, mechanical and auto engineers, accountants, lawyers, architects and mechanical workshops that we rely on to supplement our capabilities to meet our claims handling responsibility to our clients.
  • A system of out sourcing to dedicated, reliable and efficient courier and delivery service providers with nation-wide and inter- national capabilities to ensure prompt delivery of relevant documentations to our clients outside of Accra.

Our Logistics

To ensure our policy of providing service to clients in the comfort of their offices we have a pool of brand new and reliable vehicles placed at the disposal of staff for long distance travel and customer care.