Our services

Our Insurance Placement Services

At Horizon Insurance Brokers Ltd, together with our international partners, RKH Specialty, we are capable of placing any risk, of whatever size and nature, at the most competitive rate and at the most favourable terms and conditions in the following insurance markets;

  • The Ghana insurance market
  • Direct placement at the Lloyds of London through our International Partner
  • Direct placement with major European based international insurers
  • Reinsurance placement with major international reinsurers in Africa, Europe & America.
  • Direct placement in the Chinese insurance market when required
  • We are therefore in the position to place our clients account with primary insurers in Ghana and follow through the reinsurance placement in the international insurance /reinsurance market such as the London market, European market, North America and the Far East and China.

Our Claims Management Services

Horizon provides efficient handling and processing of claims of clients to ensure prompt and fair settlement by:

  • Assisting with the preparation of claims documents, and policy document interpretations.
  • Liaising with various relevant professionals such as accountants, surveyors, engineers, quantity surveyors etc.
  • Participation in appointment of and liaising with the loss adjusters appointed in the adjustment of claims.
  • Claims negotiation and settlement.
  • Preparation of briefs for arbitration and litigation support, if the need arises.

In addition, Horizon provides advice and assist with salvage disposal and repairs

Our Pre-placement and Post-placement Services

We adopt a holistic approach to risk and insurance in the business environment by providing to our clients the following;

  • Pre-placement risk and insurance survey to ascertain appropriate insurance covers, terms, conditions and to assess the most competitive rate.
  • Periodic risk and insurance survey to assess the adequacy of cover and to make appropriate recommendations
  • Post-loss risk and insurance survey to ascertain cause of loss and risk improvement measures to put in place to avoid recurrence.
  • Comprehensive risk management and disaster management plan, if required.
  • Establishment of Insurance / Risk Management Unit and provision of training support to staff of our clients.